Functional Coatings (Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powders)

Corrosion Protection of Valves and Fittings

  • Application Processes : Electrostatic Spraying and Fluidized Bed Process
  • Application Areas: Valves, Hydrants , Watermeters, Fittings, Filter Plates

Electrical Grades

  • Electric Motor Cores
  • Electric Motor Rotors for Generators, Anti lock brake systems, Wiper motors, Window lift motors, Electrical seat balance, Cooling engines
  • Low and High Voltage Bus Bar
  • Hermetic Connectors
  • Watt Hour Meter Coils
  • Electronic Components like Capacitors, Resistors, Hybrids
  • Stators for Alternators, Actuators, Electrical drives
  • Application Methods
  • Electrostatic Spraying and Fluidized Bed
  • Application Process for both the above methods